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Say goodbye hours wasted vacuuming and dusting. Reclaim your time and hire our professional cleaning crew. We take the time to leave your home spic and span as often as you’d like so you don’t have to. 

At Sin City’s House Cleaners we believe there no job too small. Just want your kitchen and bathrooms cleaned once a week? We’ve got you covered. Need every inch of your home deep cleaned? We can still have you taken care of. We provide all cleaning supplies and service Las Vegas, Henderson and Boulder City. 

Hire us for your house cleaning needs today. 

House Cleaning Procedures


- Blinds will be dusted (both sides)

•We will use a Feather duster

- Baseboards will be dusted

•We will use a vaccum, rag or feather duster depending on each homes needs

- Ceiling fans will be dusted

•We will use a microfiber rag.

- Doors and door frames will be dusted

•We will use a microfiber rag and cleaning vinegar.

- Window sills will be wiped down

•We will use a microfiber rag and cleaning vinegar.

- Carpets and rugs will be vacuumed.

- Hard floors will be swept and mopped

•We will use a microfiber bar mop on hardwood or a threaded mop for tile.

- Furniture will be vacuumed or dusted

•We will use Lysol and Liquid Gold.


- Outside of all appliances will be wiped clean

We will use a microfiber rag and Weimen stainless steel cleaner or Lysol 

- Countertops will be wiped clean

We will use a rag and Lysol for concrete, or wood/laminate counter

or light soapy water and a non abrasive sponge for quartz or granite counters

How How to:properly clean granite and quartz counters

- Cabinets will be wiped cleaned

•We will use a rag and liquid gold.


-Showers will be scrubbed and wiped clean

- Toilets will be scrubbed clean

•We will use bowl cleaner and Zep Citrus Multisurface cleaner

- Mirrors and Vanitys will be wiped clean

•We will use a microfiber rag and vinegar for mirrors and Zep Multisurface cleaner for vanity’s.


- Bed sheets will be changed

(if clean ones are left on the bed)

- furiture and electronics will be dusted